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Division: General
Job Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Wendy Hurley, HR Director
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 978-534-7500 X 3564
Date Posted: 5/15/2019
Position Location: DPW
Position Description:

The job duties are as follows; Performs a variety of unskilled labor duties of which the following are typical examples; digging holes, trenches and other excavations; shoveling materials and leveling areas; cleaning out sewers and catch basins; loading and unloading supplies; moving furniture; cleaning litter and debris from streets, parking lots; assisting in placing and holding heavy items in place; mowing grass using hand or powered equipment; trimming shrubs and lower parts of trees along sidewalks and highways; removing snow and ice using manual or small power equipment; spreading sand on icy areas.

Brief Description:

The City of Leominster Department of Public Works is looking for individuals for entry level laborers positions. Qualifications: CDL – with Air Brake Endorsement and two years’ experience working in construction/excavation related work such as water, sewer or drainage.

Experience in snow plowing and snow removal is a plus.

Job Prerequisites:

Application Procedure:

No Phone Calls Please
Interested candidates please submit an application / resume to
Wendy Hurley, Human Resources Director,

The City of Leominster is an Equal
Opportunity Employer


Job Type: Full Time
Pay Type: Hourly