Make a Payment / eBill

The City of Leominster Collectors Office uses Invoice Cloud's electronic payment processing service for paying bills online. You can register with the system to view and pay bills, see payment history (as it becomes available), set up "auto pay" to automatically pay your bill when it is due, and update preferences. You may also make a quick payment without registering. Bill information is updated nightly so you will always have the updated balance due on the day you are paying your bill. Make a payment or view a bill.

Payment Options

Our bill pay service offers residents and taxpayers the ability to make a payment online, by phone (24 / 7), and also by text with a credit/debit card or from your checking/savings account (ACH). A convenience fee will be applied, which will be disclosed before submitting a payment. The fee for an ACH transaction is $.40, which is cheaper than a stamp, and the fee for a credit/debit card is 2.99 percent.

To make a Payment By Phone 24 / 7, please call toll-free 877-415-6045. An additional service fee of $.95 will apply. You will need specific account information to pay by phone. If you don't have a copy of your bill, you may look it up on the City's invoice cloud site.

To make a payment through text (Pay by Text) or to simply receive text notifications about your bill, register within your account, or when you make an online payment.

Types of Bills

The following City of Leominster bills are offered for payment on Invoice Cloud:

  • Municipal Tax Bills: Real Estate and Personal Property
  • Excise Tax Bills: Motor Vehicle
  • Municipal Utility Bills: Water Sewer

Other Ways to Make a Payment

There are several ways you can make payments for your outstanding bills. If your bill is not past the due date for payment, you have the following options:

  • Mail: You may mail your payment coupon and a check in the envelope provided. This will send your payment to the City's LockBox Vendor for automated processing. Be sure to use the payment coupon or you will end up mailing the payment back to your address.
  • Drop-Off: You may also drop the bill and check in the silver drop-off box located at the top of the stairs (right side) in front of City Hall. Please, no cash payments when using the drop-off box.

If your bill is passed the due date, please call for the amount due, and then you can mail that amount with your bill directly to the Collector's office at City Hall.

Finally, you can bring your payment directly to the Collector's office, which is always required if you are paying in cash.