Surplus Goods & Real Estate

The Purchasing Department oversees the disposal of all surplus goods and the sale of City-owned real estate.

Surplus Goods

Surplus goods come about in a number of ways. When equipment reaches the end of its' useful life, or a program is discontinued so certain equipment is no longer needed or technology changes so equipment becomes obsolete; those pieces of equipment are deemed to be obsolete. Depending on what the equipment is and its' value, surplus goods are disposed of either by public auction or through a simple week-long posting of a public notice on this site and in City Hall. See Active Bids for listings of any surplus goods sales.

Real Estate

Whenever the City sells any real estate that it owns, it is done through either a public auction or through the competitive sealed bid process. See Active Bids for listings of any City-owned real estate that may be for sale.

Properties that are taken because of the non-payment of taxes, are under the control of the City Treasurer. Please contact the Treasurer's office for information regarding such properties.