Facility Requests

Facility Request Form

To reserve one of our parks or facilities for use, please fill out our Facilities Request Form (PDF). A cover letter including additional details of your use is recommended, though not required.

Doyle Field Tennis Court Flickr PageDoyle Field Tennis Courts

Keys for the Doyle Field Tennis Courts at 206 Priest Street are available to both residents: $30 and Non-residents: $50. Keys can be purchased at our office at 40 Barrett Parkway, Leominster.

  • Proof of residency is required for the reduced rate. Identification will be required to obtain a key.
  • If you do not wish to purchase a key for the season, you may leave a $30 refundable deposit for 24 hours.
  • New keys will be issued annually. If you return your key from the previous year and purchase a new key, you get $5 off the cost of the new key.

Key holders are required to review and abide by the tennis etiquette and court usage rules (provided at registration). For additional information or questions, please call the Recreation Department

View the Doyle Tennis Courts Usage Rules (PDF).