Eagle Project

TroopYearName of the Eagle ScoutDescription
4772016Joe Cardinal
Added biographies and memorials to the Leominster Veteran's website.
4772016Kyle Doyle
Reconditioned the Civil War GAR canons and flagpoles at Evergreen Cemetery.
4772016Matthew Rainey
Documented GPS coordinates of Civil War veterans at Evergreen Cemetery.
4772015Christopher Minor
Refurbished the white crosses used at the Memorial Day Twilight Ceremony at the Veterans Center.
4772015Seth Porter
Documented GPS coordinates of veteran graves at Pinegrove Cemetery.
4772015Ethan Smith
Created canoe parking area at Jonathan Roberge Memorial Park.
4772013Salvatore Amico
Layed out bricks at Carter Park.
4772013Benjamin Kessler
Designed website with Leominster Civil War memorials.
4772013Michael Pauplis
Straightened out the sunken and settled veteran graves at Evergreen Cemetery.
Nicholas Valiton
Installed flagpoles, benches, and bricks at Jonathan Roberge Memorial Park.
4772012Bradley Kronick
Layed out bricks at Carter Park.
4772011Ross Reynolds    

Beautified the rear of the Veterans Center.

4772011Ryan Sheehan

Layed out bricks at Carter Park.

112008Nathaniel Fiedler

Installed information board for bricks at Carter Park.

Nicholas Grudziecki
Installed flag poles and patio for each branch of the military at Evergreen Cemetery
4772006John Sheehan

Installed benches in a sitting area behind the Veterans Center at the waterfront.