Notice to Applicants

We are pleased to learn of your interest in working for the City of Leominster. Below please find general information on different job categories and an outline of the City's hiring procedures. We will do our best to answer any additional questions you have regarding current employment opportunities.

Leominster residents are especially encouraged to apply.

Usually, vacant positions are posted for internal bidding for eligible current active City employees. During the posting period, we may also accept outside applications and conduct additional recruitment programs as appropriate.

The majority of City jobs are subject to civil service rules and procedures. Listed below are explanations of the types of civil service employment.

Labor Service

Laboring jobs are filled through the Labor Service registration where applicants are placed on waiting lists and ranked in order of registration date with qualified veterans and widowed un-remarried spouses or parents of veterans who died from service connected disability receiving first preference.

A separate registration list is maintained for entry level Labor Service jobs for those applicants who meet the qualifications of "Section 47A" certification for disadvantaged persons. Information regarding these qualifications along with the application procedure is outlined on a separate sheet available in the Human Resources Department.

Labor Service registration is valid for five years subject to all provisions of civil service laws and rules. Applicants who wish to renew their registration may do so six months before or six months after their fifth year anniversary. Failure to renew will result in removal from the Labor Service register.

Labor applications are accepted whether or not there is a current position vacant. Information is available regarding your registration and current ranking on the Labor service eligible lists through the Human Resources department.

Official Service / Public Safety

Official Service jobs are those for which an examination is generally required and include all clerical, administrative, technical, and professional positions in all nonexempt departments. These positions are filled on a permanent basis primarily as the result of open competitive exams administered by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division.

Entry level police officer and firefighter examinations and physical abilities tests are also administered by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division. Additional information is available through

Human Resources Department
1 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

For your convenience, we have a supply of exam applications along with announcements of upcoming examinations, when posted.

Non-Civil Service

We maintain our own applicant and affirmative action pools for referral to jobs that are exempt from civil service and for provisional appointments to those jobs subject to civil service but where no current valid eligible list exists. If you see a specific job listing of interest, please follow the instructions on the job announcement. The majority of our positions require applying by filing a resume and letter of interest for a specific position. If you meet the minimum requirements for skills and experience we may make a referral where possible to a position that becomes vacant if appropriate. Position listings can be viewed on the City of Leominster website at under Job Opportunities. Hyperlink to Job Opportunities


The staff of the Human Resources Department in City Hall is available to assist you. Please do not hesitate to stop by our office or contact us.