Residential Permits

A building permit must be obtained for all work done to a home with exception of paint, wallpaper, and flooring. A homeowner can apply for the permit themselves as long as their name appears on the deed, they reside at the residence, and it is a one or two family home. If the homeowner is not listed as a legal owner, lives at another address, or the house is a three or more family dwelling, a Massachusetts licensed contractor will be required to apply for the permit.

The building permit fee is based on the total cost of the job, materials and labor. A fee for labor is still assessed even if the homeowner is doing the work in order to make the fee schedule fair and equitable to all parties. The fee will be based upon the contract price of the job. If there is no contract, the fee will be calculated by the building inspector. Prices are calculated per thousand, and always rounded up to the nearest thousand. The first thousand is $22 with $7 for each additional thousand. Fees for electrical work done in conjunction with a building permit shall be included with the building permit fee. Such fee shall be 35% of the building permit fee or $45, whichever is greater. All fees are dollar based amounts and should not include coin value. If you have any questions regarding fees please contact the office directly.

Note: A charge of $15 will be applied for any duplicate permit requested.

Leominster is a green community and has adopted the Stretch Energy Code. Any building permits that are for new construction will also have to have HERS Rating and RES Check paperwork included at time of submission before a permit can be issued.

Please pick up your permit or provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your application so that it may be mailed.

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