Landfill Information

The City of Leominster operated a Landfill at the end of Mechanic Street to the east of the Route 2 Connector until 1982. In 1985 the landfill was covered with impervious materials (capped) to prevent rain and surface water from passing through the buried waste and contaminating groundwater. In 2000 a landfill gas collection and disposal system was installed to prevent landfill gases from migrating through the soil to abutting properties. The gas collection system provides a vacuum to remove gases through wells that are connected to a manifold. The manifold passes beneath the Route 2 Connector and draws the gases to a gas burning flare system which is located to the north of the Leominster Sewage Treatment Plant. All of the wells in the landfill are periodically tested and adjusted to provide optimum performance of the flare. Environmental consultants provide quarterly testing of each well, surface air quality and groundwater sampling for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for their continual review. Copies of these reports are kept in the Health Department archives.