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This Months Tip's: Home Heating

One of the easiest ways to save on home heating costs is to turn down your heat. Reducing the temperature on your thermostat by just one degree can shave up to 3 percent off of your home heating bill. Those who cannot live with a decrease should consider dropping the temperature 10 to 15 degrees while they are away at work. That could save 10 percent, and if you keep the temperature down while you are sleeping you could save an added 10 percent.

You should consider a programmable thermostat, which would be especially handy if you tend to forget to turn down the heat when you are sleeping or away from home. You can program these thermostats to automatically lower the temperature at certain times. The devices start at around $50, and could pay for themselves within a year.

Web Extra Tips

  • One of the simplest ways to use less heat is to make sure you keep your curtains open during the day to let in as much sunlight as possible. Also, closing your blinds in the evening may give you some added insulation.
  • Using your fan in the winter actually can help you retain heat in your house. Adjust your fan so it turns clockwise. This way, warm air will be pushed down from your ceiling.
  • If you would like to weatherize your home but can't afford it, the government may be able to help. The Department of Energy has a Weatherization Assistance Program that helps low-income families make their homes more energy efficient. You can get more information about the program in your state on the site.

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