Regulations & Policies

Green Community Criteria

Criteria 1: As-of-Right Siting - Renewable / Alternative Energy

Provide for the as-of-right siting of:

  1. renewable or alternative energy generating facilities;
  2. renewable or alternative energy research and development (R&D) facilities, or;
  3. renewable or alternative energy manufacturing facilities in designated locations.

Criteria 2: Expedited Permitting

Adopt an expedited application and permitting process under which these energy facilities may be sited within the municipality and which shall not exceed 1 year from the date of initial application to the date of final approval.

Criteria 3: Energy Baseline / 20 Percent Energy Reduction Plan

Establish an energy use baseline inventory for municipal buildings, vehicles, street and traffic lighting prior to submitting a designation form, and put in place a comprehensive program designed to reduce this baseline by 20 percent within 5 years of initial participation in the program.

Criteria 4: Purchase Only Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Purchase only fuel-efficient vehicles for municipal use whenever such vehicles are commercially available and practicable.

Criteria 5: Minimize Life-Cycle Costs

Require all new residential construction over 3,000 square feet and all new commercial and industrial real estate construction to minimize, to the extent feasible, the life-cycle cost of the facility by utilizing energy efficiency, water conservation and other renewable or alternative energy technologies.