Class I, II, III Licensing

The City of Leominster regulates all Class I, II, and III licenses establishments. The license types are defined as follows:

  • Class I: The principal business is the sale of new motor vehicles, as well as the purchase and sale of second-hand motor vehicles.
  • Class II: Allows for the purchase and sale of second-hand motor vehicles.
  • Class III: Allows for the purchase of second-hand motor vehicles for the purpose or remodeling, taking apart, or rebuilding, or for selling the parts of second-hand motor vehicles.

Leominster still issues licenses for new Class I and Class II Dealer's. Class III licenses are no longer issued. Current Class III businesses are still able to operate, however no new Class III license applications will be accepted.

Any interested party looking to apply for a Class I or II Dealer's license must follow the steps listed below.

  • The applicant must have an address as to where they are looking to conduct the business. A site inspection and written approval from the Building Commissioner will be needed before any paperwork is accepted.
  • If the site is approved through the Building Department, the Class I/II application can be completed and submitted to the Licensing Department. With the application the applicant will also need:
    • An approved site plan
    • Letter from a mechanic who will be repairing the vehicles (assuming the business has no garage on site).
    • CORI application filled out, signed, with a copy of a picture ID
  • Once all paperwork is submitted the applicant will be placed on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting.
  • After reviewing the information, the License Commission will make a motion to either approve or deny the application.
  • Once approved a copy of the insurance bond, as well as a check for $100, is required before the applicant may obtain the license.

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