Taxi & Limo Licensing

A Taxi / Limousine Operator's License costs $15 and must be renewed yearly. A Taxi or Limo Company License costs $20 per vehicle and is renewed yearly Renewals are done in March.

Any party interested in opening a Taxi or Limousine Company should first find a location where the business will be conducted. The location must be approved by the Building Department for zoning and by the Planning Department for site plan and parking approval. A copy of the site plan, along with the General Application (PDF), should be completed and submitted back to the Licensing Office where the applicant will also have to fill out a CORI application and show a picture ID. The applicant will be scheduled for the next available meeting. If the license is approved the applicant will have to appear at the Licensing Office with copies of the vehicle registrations and payment for the license.

View the Taxi Rules and Regulations (PDF).

Any individual looking to apply for a Taxi or Limo Operator's License must first obtain an "Intent to Hire" form from the business they are looking to work for. The signed Intent form must be brought to the License Commission office where the applicant will appear with a photo ID and fill out a CORI form. Once the CORI report comes back a license will either be issued, or if the CORI report comes back with a history, will be reviewed by the Commission at the next scheduled meeting. If a license is denied based upon a CORI report, the applicant may appeal to the Commission in writing to be placed on the agenda.