City Clerk

Mission Statement

The mission of the City Clerk is to preserve public records, accurately establish, maintain, correct, index, and certify all vital statistics, and perform various other duties as may be required by Massachusetts General Laws. The City Clerk also provides administrative support to the City Council, prepares for and oversees all elections, and all other duties related to Election and Registration. As keeper of City Records, the City Clerk's office must preserve all public records in his/her custody and must perform all such other duties by accurately maintaining, correcting, indexing, and certifying all vital statistics and all other duties required by Mass General Laws. The City Clerk also provides administrative support to the City Council and prepares for and conducts all elections as well as all other duties related to Election and Registration.

The main Activities and Programs of the City Clerk's office are:

  • Vital Records: Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates
  • Vital Record Amendments: by Appointment ONLY
  • Business Registration and Certificates
  • Dog Licenses
  • Voter Registration
  • Maintain City Council Calendar
  • Maintain Calendar for Committees
  • Notary Public Services (Limited)
  • Commissioner to Qualify - Between the hours of 9 am-noon
  • Street Listings

About Us

The office of the City Clerk is considered the center of city government and is the major source of information for the residents of the city of Leominster. The City Clerk records birth and death records for all residents and marriage records for those living anywhere in Massachusetts who file their intention to be married in Leominster.

The City Clerk is appointed by the City Council and is the keeper of city records entrusted to her/his care. The Clerk, when requested, attests to the validity of city records. The City Clerk prepares calendars for the city council and standing committees. The City Clerk records and maintains election results, zoning bylaws, general bylaws, traffic rules, and orders. Appointments to city boards and committees are recorded in the office of the City Clerk, and qualifying oaths are administered to all appointees. In compliance with the open meeting law, city boards and committees file a notice of meetings with the City Clerk for posting.