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Open Space Plan Public Meeting - July 12th at 6 pm.

The Leominster Recreation Department is holding a public meeting on Monday, July 12, 2021, at 6 pm at the Barrett Park program building to present the proposed Barrett Park play area renovations. The City is submitting a grant application to help fund these improvements.

The project will include replacing the existing 22-year-old aging playground equipment with new playground equipment that meets the current playground recommended safety guidelines and meets the ADA requirements for accessibility and adding playground equipment that meets the needs of youth ages 2-5; installing volleyball post and nets on the sand area; installing horseshoe pits next to the existing rectangular pavilion, installing two granite chess and checkerboard tables; planting a few flowering trees; and constructing a universally accessible path that is 8 feet wide to the playground, volleyball court, pavilion, that connects to the existing universally accessible park pathway.

The Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee will also be presenting the Open Space and Recreation Plan updates immediately following the play area renovation presentation. You are welcome to attend to make comments on the project and plan.

Should you have any questions about the project or plan, please do not hesitate to call Judith Sumner at Leominster Recreation Department, 978-534-7520.

The 2021 to 2028 Open Space and Recreation Plan affirms the City's strong commitment to protect and enhance its natural and recreational resources. The Plan reflects a city that understands the benefits and strength of partnerships and the value of leveraging its assets with State and private funds to accomplish more of its desired open space and recreational goals. It depicts a city that possesses a renewed interest in and an understanding of the urgency of protecting its open spaces, and therefore, the City's unique character and quality of life.

The Plan's goals and objectives reflect the City's continued strong interest in watershed protection, creating a more equitable distribution of recreational areas throughout the City and implementing an outreach program to educate landowners on land protection options. The following five goals were developed by the Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee to further open space protection and recreation efforts in the City over the next seven years:

  • Make our recreational areas more attractive, more accessible, and more enjoyable.
  • Increase the breadth of recreational activities within the City for all residents.
  • Better manage the trail system in Leominster
  • Promote healthier and more active lifestyles within the City.
  • Boost efforts to acquire key parcels of land to enhance our parks, protected open space, watersheds, and trails.

Open Source Committee Members

  • Jeff Ardinger
    Ward 4 Representative
    New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA)
  • Connie Breed
    Ward 5 Representative
    Leominster Recreation Department Bookkeeper
  • Pauline Cormier
    Ward 2 City Councilor
  • Andy Fosberg 
    Ward 3 Representative
    Leominster Youth Soccer Association
  • Miguel Guzman 
    Ward 3C Representative
    Spanish American Center
    Leominster Youth Soccer Association
  • Richard O’Brien
    Doyle Field Foundation
    Leominster Trail Stewards (LTS)
    Montachusett Regional Planning Coalition (MRTC)
  • Angela Schofield
    Leominster Conservation Agent
  • Steve Simons
    Ward 1 Representative
    Past President Little League
  • Judith Sumner
    Recreation Department Director
    Leominster Trail Stewards (LTS)
    Montachusett Regional Trails Coalition (MRTC)
  • Wendy Wiiks
    Ward 5 Representative
    City of Leominster Grant Office

OSRP Contributors & Participants

  • Mark Bodanza
    Leominster City Council and Local Historian
  • Kayla Kress
    Montachusett Regional Planning Commission,
    GIS/IT Analyst - Mapping
  • Karen Chapman
    Montachusett Regional Planning Commission,
    Planning and Development Director
  • Dean J. Mazzarella
  • William Connor
    Leominster Assessor
  • Stephen Whitten
    Leominster Principal Planning Clerk

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