What are annual verification statements?

Yes, I'm still alive! Please continue to send or deposit my monthly benefit check.

Annually every retiree and survivor receiving a monthly benefit check from the Leominster Contributory Retirement Board will receive an "Annual Verification Statement" form. Each retiree/survivor must complete this form, sign and return the form to our office promptly. If this form is returned to our office by mail or delivered by someone other than the named individual, the Retiree's/Survivor's signature must be notarized by a Notary Public. If the retiree/survivor delivers the form in person, a member of our staff will gladly accept this form from them.

Failure to return the "Annual Verification Statement" in the time allotted may result in a suspension of your retirement benefits.

Please call the Leominster Contributory Retirement Office at 978-534-7507, ext. 246 if you have any questions.

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