Retirement Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the Leominster Contributory Retirement Board is to provide all eligible employees that work more then 20 hours per week on a regular basis membership in our system with retirement, disabilities and/or death benefits according to Chapter 32 of Massachusetts General Law.

Position Board Member Term Expires
Ex Officio Member John J. Richard, Chairman, City Comptroller
Appointed Member David Laplante, City Collector/Treasurer 11/07/2017
Elected Member William F. Thibodeau, Firefighter 01/31/2019
Elected Member John P. Perry, Firefighter 12/31/2017
Fifth Member Vacant
Staff Member Erin S. Kelley, Head Clerk
Staff Member
Active Members 685
Inactive Members 153
Retired Members 395


One day during the last week of the month.