Disabilities Commission

Please note that Commission meetings will be held virtually for the time being. All are welcome to attend our meetings.


Mission Statement

The goal of the Disabilities Commission is to make the city a user-friendly community to all individuals. We intend to do this by raising public awareness through education and providing a resource of information. We will promote the right of all persons with diverse disabilities so that full inclusion to all programs and support services will be realized.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the commission, please contact Chairperson Marty Turbide at (978) 534-6728.

Commission Members:
 Dean Carlson Martin Turbide
Gail Turbide            Noelle Balutis
 Peter Niall Thomas Thelin          
Nicholas Bodanza
 David Cormier  


Friends of the Commission:

Joyce Carlson

Terry Thelin

Marlene Thibeault

Commission News

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Placard Guidelines

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